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A Modern Public Library


  • The MBLC – our state library agency – has opened their construction grant program. The grant program has three phases: a research and support phase (where we are now), a planning and design phase (if Yarmouth’s grant application is accepted), and a construction phase with state funding (if approved).
  • Yarmouth is a great candidate for the grant program. Our libraries are clear examples how a library building can limit the delivery of library services. For example, our collection of books, movies, and other materials is half the size of towns who are half the size of Yarmouth, simply because we don’t have space.
  • Both South and West Libraries have significant structural and repair issues.
  • Now is the time to take everything we have learned in the past to bring our community together for library services. Because Yarmouth is one town in the eyes of the state, it will only be eligible for one grant award, for one building (whether new or renovated). If awarded the grant, up to 45% of the cost of a new library would be funded with a state grant!
  • We don’t have to agree on where we are going next to know we want to move forward. There will be lots of opportunity to share ideas about the future of the library if we move forward in the grant process to the planning and design phase.

About the Library Planning Committee

The Library Committee provides advisory support and makes recommendations on the planning required to improve library services and facilities for the Town of Yarmouth. This all-volunteer group follows up where the Library Study Committee left off with a Facilities Assessment back in 2017-2018.

In 2023, the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners announced a significant grant program that can provide funding for library renovation/additions or new construction. It would be in the best interest of the Town to apply for this grant funding that could cover up to 45% percent of library facility updates as either a renovation/addition to one existing library building or new construction project.

Click HERE for LPC meeting minutes and agendas.



Library Planning Committee Members (2023-24):

Mary Reardon Johnson, Acting Chair

Regina Hopkins, Secretary

George Bovino

Deirdre Gaquin

Patricia McCullough

Jane Cain, Library Director, ex officio


Offer multiple meeting rooms and study rooms that will be community gathering space.

Have areas for small groups, remote work, or quiet study.

Be easy-to-reach for all in our community, from parents of young children to people with mobility challenges.

Support the technology needs of our community, including those library users who bring their own devices.

How can you support the goal of a modern public library?

Attend a Library Planning Committee meeting and tell us what you need and want in a library and for library services.
Talk to your friends and neighbors about what is important in a library in town. Wouldn’t it be great to have more space for:  collections, special events, work space, outdoor relaxation?
Attend Town Meeting in April. There will be an appropriation request on the agenda. If approved, funds will advance Yarmouth in the grant round process!
Continue to use and support our libraries and consider finding ways to demonstrate your support, such as joining the South Yarmouth or West Yarmouth Library Associations!